The Sprinkles & Swirls Story

Sprinkles & Swirls was born from a love of seeing the sheer pleasure people experienced while indulging Nicola's homemade bakes.

For self-taught baker, Nicola, the emphasis is on the homemade.  Nicola longs for her cakes and bakes to be reminiscent of those you grew up with from the scones that were baked just in time for visitors, the soda bread that sat on the tea time table, and the cupcakes that adorned the table for every birthday party the family kitchen hosted.

For many years she was encouraged to sell her  homemade fayre, but, with small children, a busy home and a lack of confidence the idea was always shifted to the back burner.  She dipped her toes in 2018 and realised a demand was there for her products. Then when the world found itself in the midst of a pandemic, her kitchen closed again as she found herself playing teacher to her children. Nicola missed her little business and in April 2021, Simply Baked was renewed and the orders came flying in. In November she rebranded and Sprinkles & Swirls (like Diamonds & Pearls!) came to being.

Nicola  loves to bake, and she puts her heart and soul into everything she creates, using the best ingredients, so that you can count on quality when you buy from her. Nicola's celebration cakes are finished with her luxurious buttercream.  She rarely works with fondant, it's a tricky customer that doesn't really spark joy!

Time may never be right; however, life is short and she is no longer putting off until tomorrow what she can do today.

Welcome to the adventure.